Update Your Bedroom In A Few Simple Steps

It’s difficult to tackle so many projects throughout your home without feeling overwhelmed. This is why it’s a great idea to take each part of the house piece by piece. There’s plenty of quick updates that you can make to your bedroom without breaking a sweat. The idea is to make little changes that have a big impact. Here, we’ll show you some easy updates that will make a big difference in your bedroom.

Use Color To Your Advantage

Adding bursts of color is the easiest, yet the most often overlooked decorating technique. You can add bits of color all over your bedroom. From small accents like picture frames and vases, it’s simple to add some color here and there. It will make a huge impact on the room.

Feel Your Way Around The Room

The textures you use in your bedroom is important to how comfortable the room feels. You can mix and match the linens in your bedroom from the type of throw you use to the type of rug that’s present on the floor. You’ll want to consider changing these a few times a year to match with the seasons. Warmer, fuzzier linens are best for the winter whereas lighter linens are perfect for summer.

Suit Your Style

There’s different textures and different items that match up with certain styles and themes. If you’re going for a more romantic feel, consider using velvets and cozy looking throws. Leather gives a more rustic feel whereas blown glass and antique-finished woods provide the feel of country living. If you’re looking for more of a modern bedroom, try teak wood, smooth leather and even plastic touches to achieve your look.

Change Your Accent Pillows And Shams

There’s something to be said for simply changing the pillows in your bedroom. Any throw pillows or pillow shams that are present in your bedroom could use a change each season or two. This will give you a fresh perspective instead of the same old tired bedding and accents. These simple changes can make a noticeable difference in your bedroom. Making these changes will also give you something to look forward to each and every season.

Change Your Window Treatments

Changing your curtains along with the seasons is a great idea as well. In the colder months, you may want to hang more insulated curtains to hold the heat in your room. In the summer months, light and airy curtains will help you to beat the heat.

Make It Personal

Your bedroom is the perfect place to hang your treasured photographs and artwork. Change up the pictures in your frames and the artwork on the walls every so often so that you can keep your memories flowing with goodness. You’ll get tired of staring at the same artwork day after day. By mixing it up, you’ll be able to showcase all of your favorite things throughout the year!

Plants For A Full-Sun Spot In The Garden

If you seek flowering plants that flourish in a full-sun location, there are a wide range of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that tolerate full noonday sun. However, growing plants in full sun can be a bit of a challenge, especially those planted in pots or containers. Providing adequate water may prove to be difficult, but if you do the research you can select plants native to your area that are drought tolerant.

Sunny borders showcasing a sidewalk or garden pathway are popular locations for sun loving plants. While native plants are acclimated to local growing conditions, any full-sun plant tolerant of heat and drought and rated for your United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant hardiness zone can be grown in the home garden.

Full Sun Border Plants
Yarrow, Shasta daisy, purple cornflower, lavender, day lilies, and asters are hardy plants that grow well in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 7. Other good candidates include Russian sage, butterfly weed and verbena.

Happy and Hardy Perennials
Several perennials flourish in a fun-sun location. Drought tolerant garden favorites include hen and chicks, miniature roses, hibiscus, all varieties of daisies, coneflowers, buttercups and lamb’s ear. Succulents do especially well in patio pots, hanging baskets and garden containers. Succulents sensitive to freezing may be brought indoors where they make an attractive houseplant during the colder months of winter.

Colorful Full-Sun Annuals
The majority of summer annuals are an excellent choice for a sunny, rather dry location in the garden. Use shorter varieties as a bold and bright flower to edge flowerbeds and garden pathways. Zinnias, marigolds and daisies will self-seed and come back in the spring with vigor.

Along a fence or in the back of the flowerbed, stately hollyhocks, iris, sunflowers, geraniums, and coleus make an attractive backdrop to smaller full-sun garden plantings.

Full-Sun Plants For Hanging Baskets
Moss rose, petunias, salvia, marigolds, baby’s breath and ageratum are attractive when grouped in hanging baskets. A drip irrigation system is a simple solution for keeping hanging baskets well watered, lush and green.

Provide Full-Sun Plants With Adequate Water
While many varieties of full-sun plants tolerate a dry spell, they will thrive and produce the most abundant showing of flowers if provided with adequate moisture. Most garden plants require at least 1 to 2 inches of water a week. It is best to water early in the morning or late in the day, when water is not so quickly evaporated away by the noonday sun.

A Continual Burst Of Blooms
With a bit of research and study, it is easy to find full-sun plants that will provide brilliant bursts of color in your home garden from early spring to late fall. You are only limited by your imagination; be creative then sit back and enjoy watching your garden grow.

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